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The Bedouin Shakespeare Company is an international company that tours the highest quality theatre worldwide. After our inaugural production of Hamlet across the United Arab Emirates and London in 2012, we have since become the first and only company to perform English speaking productions at the Globe Theatre in Rome.


The BSC introduces Shakespeare to new audiences as well as celebrating it with old ones. We bring together the most exciting talent for our productions to create powerful classical theatre fit for a global, 21st century world.

Eleanor Russo

Executive Producer

Edward Andrews

Artistic Director

"As Patrons of the Bedouin Shakespeare Company, we are proud to be involved in their tours to the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

The formation of this Theatre Company is especially exciting as Edward Andrews, the Artistic Director of BSC, spent his formative years in Abu Dhabi before returning to the UK to pursue his career as a professional actor. His return to the Emirates to share his love of Shakespeare is indeed a great reflection of the message of entrepreneurship and leadership that is witnessed throughout schools and universities of the UAE. It is also a gracious thank you to the Abu Dhabi community who nurtured his talent on the stage.

The Bedouin Shakespeare Company is embarking on an inspiring project in bringing Shakespeare to the young people of the UAE. We hope that over the coming years many of the works of Shakespeare will strike a chord with the youth of the Emirates - as it has done over centuries and across continents - and that the poetic language, and the sheer beauty of the story telling will resonate with the Emirati love of the cultural traditions of storytelling and lyrical Arabic poetry."


HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan
HH Sheikha Hissa bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan

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