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Every generation has argued violently about the essence of the play, and therefore every generation has discovered their own Romeo and Juliet.


Is it a tragedy? Yes, but it is also comedic – surprisingly so. Does it have a moral? Yes, but it also explores, and doesn’t condemn, dark immorality. Are the “star crossed lovers” puppets in the hands of fate? Yes, but they are also self-determining, passionate young people. Is it Romantic? Yes, but it is not just about poetic expression of love, it has an earthy, coarse, hot sexuality driving the play like a steam engine. It is also bloodthirsty and violent. Is it real? Can we relate to it as human beings? Yes, but it is a play of theatrical extremes and opposites. Love versus hate. Morality versus basic natural human instincts. Fate battling with free will. Rationale against fantasy. Poetry combatting banality. Freedom clashing with duty. Dark invading the light. Uncontrolled passion smashing through balance and control. 


After an intense four week rehearsal process in London, this stunning new production will tour out to the Globe Theatre in Rome, where The Bedouin Shakespeare Company will close their 2019 summer season. After which the production will return to London’s West End for one night only.



This high energy, intensely passionate production set in a medieval Verona sees the language of the First Folio come to life in spectacular style. Sword fights, romance, tragedy and music thread together with wonderful costumes to make this a theatrical feast for all the senses. 



Following on from previous years of sell-out productions, this is set to be the company's most ambitious project to date. Let us tell you the greatest love story ever written.


“Vertue it selfe turnes vice being misapplied,

And vice sometime by action dignified.”


Director - Chris Pickles
Assistant Director – Scott Le Crass

Composer - Paul Knight
Lighting Designer - Derek Carlyle
Costume Designer - Adrian Lillie

Fight Director – Philip D’Orleans

Choreographer – Emma Flett

Marketing– Richard Brennan

Artistic Director - Edward Andrews
Producer - Eleanor Russo


8TH - 13TH OCTOBER 2019








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