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At the BSC, we're always looking for ways to engage young people in theatre. That's why we're setting up a UAE youth theatre company. The Bedouin Youth Theatre or BYT, will include people aged 15-25 and act as a feeder company to the professional work of the BSC.

Bedouin Youth Theatre

For ages 15-25!

The aim is to use these budding actors and directors in their own shows. Written, starring and directed by the members. Some of the serious and talented will be asked to join the BSC tour in the UAE to give them a taste of working with professional actors, directors and other theatrical personnel. As part of our new educational branch, bEDouin Education, we hope to include as many people as possible. 

This is still in its very early stages but it would be good to gauge interest to see if this is a project worth taking up. If you’re interested in helping or taking part please email :

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