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The Bedouin Shakespeare Company are constantly looking for talent to work with. Whether you are an actor, director, writer, producer or stage manager we would love to hear from you. 


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  Casting and Job Opportunities

Romeo and Juliet - Autumn 2019


Now in our 5th year of touring to the stunning Silvano Toti Globe Theatre of Rome, we will once again be closing the theatre's summer season with a bang! Committed to making Shakespeare accessible worldwide, the Bedouin Shakespeare Company are the Roman Globe's only English speaking theatre company. After Rome the production is in talks to continue onto other venues through the latter part of October. As in previous years performing, the show will culminate with one closing night back in London - 2018 saw us close with a sold out show at the Duke of York's Theatre.


Rehearsals: 9th September - 2nd October

Rome: 3rd October - 18th October 

Further dates tbc but availability through to the end of October must be guaranteed.


Casting Breakdown


Juliet (doubling with small role of Mrs Montague) - Female. Playing age 15 - 20. Passionate and quick witted. Confident and vulnerable. Initially sweet and submissive, over the four days of the story she becomes the emotional and dramatic powerhouse of the play. In the play she is not yet 14 years old therefore should be able to play mid-teens. 


Nurse (doubling with small role of Princess Escalus) - Female. Playing age 30 - 50. A strong and earthy character with both comedic and dramatic aspects. She relishes and facilitates the intrigue between Romeo and Juliet, vicariously delighting in Juliet’s burgeoning sexuality. Essentially a silly, mixed-up person, blindly reacting chaotically to events with little forethought or mature consideration.


Benvolio (role includes Balthasar as Benvolio) -  Male or Female. Playing age 20 - 30. Persuasive, centered and strong. A contrast to the romanticism of Romeo, and the instability of Mercutio. Fun loving and outgoing and not afraid to come forward as a peacemaker. Loyal to the House of Montague to the extent that they are willing to exaggerate Tybalt’s blame in the death of Mercutio. Skilled in combat, particularly rapier and dagger.

Lord Capulet (doubling with small role of Friar John) - Male. Playing age 40 - 50. A powerful presence in the play. Quixotic and unpredictable. In one moment full of charm and bonhomie, but when crossed can be frighteningly dangerous, almost psychopathic. He loves the image of his daughter as a sweet, innocent child, but that love does not save her from his brutal abuse when she goes against his wishes.


Romeo - Male. Playing age 18 - 25. At the beginning of the play he is mentally still an adolescent. In love with the torture of being frustrated by his unrequited love of Rosaline, he wears his heart on his sleeve, wallowing in the language of love and unconsciously over-dramatizing his woes, much to the amusement of his friends. This obsession turns into a deep and powerful passion when he meets Juliet. Skilled in combat, particularly rapier and dagger.


Fee: £1,900 with all flights and shared accommodation outside of London provided.


We are looking for a company of physical and energetic actors. All cast must have strong singing voices. As always, experience with Shakespeare essential along with an ensemble team-player attitude to performances and touring. Ability to play a musical instrument an advantage but not essential.


Auditions 26th & 27th June in London with possible recalls in first week of July.


Please email your CV to by Monday 17th June.